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Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At NHS South Buffalo we are more than a team; we're a dedicated family united by a common mission—to bring warmth, comfort, and sustainability to the homes of low-income households in Buffalo. Get to know the passionate individuals behind the scenes who work tirelessly to weatherize homes, ensuring a brighter and more energy-efficient future for our community. Together, we empower lives, one home at a time.

Shyrl Duderwick 


Meet Shyrl, our dedicated CEO responsible for shaping a warmer, more sustainable community. With unwavering commitment to low-income households,  Shyrl envisions and leads our nonprofit in providing inclusive weatherization services, ensuring comfort for all

John Pierce

Energy Auditor 

Rob Grigsby

Energy Auditor 

Donna Sciandra

Intake Specialist

Henry Battaglia

Marketing and Inventory

In the Field 

Ralph Carpentieri 

Field Supervisor and Heating specialist 

Jason Carpentieri 

Air Sealing Specialist 

Harl Smallwood

Insulation Specialist 

Dwight Thomas

Insulation Specialist 

South Park Office

Laurie Wagner

Accountant Clerk

Donald Kawa

Construction Analyst

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