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NHS South Buffalo is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of low-income and elderly households in the City of Buffalo. Our mission is to weatherize homes, making them more energy-efficient and ultimately more affordable to maintain. Our team of dedicated professionals work tirelessly to ensure that everyone has a warm and safe home to live in, regardless of their financial situation.


Weatherization is the process of making buildings more energy-efficient for a comfortable indoor environment while lowering energy consumption and environmental impact. This involves actions like improving insulation, sealing air leaks, optimizing HVAC systems, insulating ductwork, upgrading appliances, enhancing water heater efficiency, implementing energy-efficient lighting, and exploring renewable energy sources. By doing this, homes can maintain a consistent indoor temperature, reduce energy bills, and contribute to environmental sustainability. This is especially beneficial for low-income and elderly households, helping them cope with high energy costs and promoting a greener approach to energy use.


To aid and assist in the preservation, stabilization, and revitalization of economic and aesthetic conditions of residential and commercial zones as to promote a higher quality of life and social existence.


The presence of a weatherization nonprofit in Buffalo, New York, holds immense significance given the city's socio-economic challenges. In a community where 3 out of 10 residents live in poverty, and an alarming 43.4% of children face economic hardship— the second highest rate in the country—Buffalo grapples with profound social disparities. Compounding these challenges is the fact that Buffalo possesses the oldest housing stock among major U.S. cities. Against this backdrop, the work of NHS South Buffalo becomes paramount. For low-income and elderly residents contending with financial constraints, this organization serves as a vital resource, alleviating the strain of high energy costs. Operating in a city where socio-economic disparities are stark and housing conditions demand attention, NHS South Buffalo emerges as a beacon of support, addressing immediate needs and fostering resilience in Buffalo's community.


Since taking over the city of Buffalo's weatherization program in 1999, we have weatherized more than 13,000 household. In doing so we have helped nearly 25,000 Buffalonians more than half of which were minorities and 7,000+ of which were children. We are proud to say that those 25,000 residents that we have helped represent one third of all low income residents in the City of Buffalo. 

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