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Over the years, NHS of South Buffalo has put together several extensive surveys of building conditions in the area. We also continually gather information about your thoughts, needs, and goals. This is your community, and we respond to you.

If you are interested in these surveys or the results, email us at

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2014 Healthy Homes (CONFIDENTIAL)
Take this short quiz to find out if your home has any risks to you and your family's health and what to do about it.
Click here to take the 2014 survey

2014 Residential Satisfaction (CONFIDENTIAL)
Tell us about your satisfaction, or lack of it, with different elements within your neighborhood.
Click here to take the 2014 survey

2014 Client Satisfaction (MUST PROVIDE YOUR ADDRESS)
Tell us about your satisfaction with the service and quality of goods you received through our Weatherization Assistance Program.
Click here to take the 2014 survey