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In addition to our board, NHS of South Buffalo is able to work the way it does and provide meaningful services thanks to our committed staff.

Shyrl Duderwick (Executive Director)

Our ED since 1983, Shyrl has a finger in every pie and knows the ins and outs of our programs like no one else. She can most often be found at the Weatherization Office, juggling coffee, audits, meetings, and workplace emergencies.

Ken Pszczolkowski (Construction Analyst)

If you are renting one of our apartments or getting home repairs done, you are sure to meet Ken. From his desk in our South Park office to construction sites around the city, Ken makes sure that everything is running smoothly.

Ralph Carpentieri (Weatherization Supervisor)

There's a lot involved in weatherizing a house, and when you take on hundreds of homes each year it all piles up. Ralph is the anchor of the Weatherization office, taking responsibility for each team we send out.

Cindy Wagner (Director of Resource Development and Management)

How do we provide free services and still manage to pay our staff, buy construction supplies, and keep the lights on? That's the job of Cindy, our grant writer. She is always looking for new sources of revenue to keep our services accessible. You may see her writing in our email newsletter or on our social media accounts.