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Lead Risk Assessment

Houses in Buffalo tend to be older, and that means they were originally painted with lead-based paints. There are ways to limit your family's exposure to the poison, but first you need to know how much lead is in your house, and where it is.

Once you apply for our lead assessment program, we send a team of professionals trained in identifying the presence of lead and whether or not it is dangerous. Any time we do other work around your home--including weatherization--we will conduct a lead assessment.

  • Construction management and consultation for residential and commercial projects
  • Lead paint inspections
  • Lead hazard screening
  • Dust sampling: both prior to and after renovations, repairs, or painting
  • Pre and post inspection and reporting

This program does not fix, remove, or clean-up lead hazards. You will need to seek a separate contractor if such steps are necessary.

There is a fee charged when we are not conducting the assessment as part of another project. Call us for more information.